Friday, December 9, 2016

REIKI: Universal Life Force

Pronounced ray-key, meaning universal life force
Reiki can heal on all levels - physically, mentally and spiritually and supports the body's natural ability to heal itself
Reiki is a non-confrontational form of healing
It is a non-denominational therapy, practised by people of many different religions and cultures today.
  • Promotes natural self-healing
  • Balances the energies in the body
  • Balances the organs and glands
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Treats symptoms and causes of illness
  • Relieves pain
  • Clears toxins
  • Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver
  • Enhances personal awareness
  • Relaxes and reduces stress
  • Promotes creativity
  • Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
  • Aids meditation and positive thinking
  • Heals holistically

    Lotus Light Reiki is a new empowerment of Reiki which helps us integrate our divine consciousness with our humanity and opens our ability to seeing our world and each other in a very different way. "Words by Lotus Light Reiki Creator and Usui Reiki Master Karen Hunsberger


  Magda Dunmire is a Interior Designer, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Reiki Violet Flame and Lotus Light Reiki Master and Teacher.   Also a Shaman spiritual Healer, Feng Shui Practitioner, familiar with  Angel Therapy, she had live in the Cayman Islands for many years, then moved to USA.  She will help you with healing process, e-mail her at                

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Upcoming Activities

Reiki Class Level 1, Level II and Level III, please write to for more details.

Workshops about Meditation, affirmation, Angel worshop and a Shamanic experience, write to us.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Reiki training in Harrisburg Area.

Training for Reiki new Students, Harrisburg PA (English/Spanish)

Become certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher .We are covering each area of Reiki practice. Explore the possibilities for deep healing and inner discovery, we make sure that our intention is to help you and hoping that your life will be filled with incresed progress, health and blessings.   

1-Reiki Mini Worshop: Mind, Body, Spiritual Healing, meditation

2-Lotus light Reiki is offered in  three levels.  

3- Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho
First Degree or Level 1, the participant receives attunement or initiation to the Reiki energy by the Reiki master. This permanently guides the person to greater healing power. The student learns how to do full body treatments on self and others.

Second Degree or Level 11 Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, the participant receives attunements which increase the strength of the practitioner's Reiki energy. This primarily involves learning the sounds and symbols which are used in advanced Reiki bodywork and absentee healing.

Third Degree or Level 111 Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, the participant receives third-level empowerment and the ' final symbol'. It is taught mainly for personal growth and/or the practioner can now teach and give the three level Reiki attunements.

Please write to for more information, classes are offered individuals or in small groups.We also offer Distant Healing for your family, Friends or personal request. Thanks.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More on Lotus Light Reiki

Lotus Light Reiki points the way to a different perspective on Mastership. As we learned in our classes, the power behind Lotus Light Reiki is our ability to surrender into quiet and into partnership with the Universal Life Force. We purposely don't diagnose or direct from a feeling of having mastered the art of healing. Instead, our mastership comes from the work we do within toward Self Mastery which culminates in the courage to surrender and move with the Life Force intutively and very collaboratively. We inuitively move our hands, our minds, the symbols and our prayers.  Therefore Mastership can be understood as the moment of surrender when we decide to trust. In this moment we let go and through grace we realize the Self Mastery of surrendering to the purpose of Spirit.  It takes no time at all for Mastership unless we decide it will take time to gain the confidence to let go and trust our natural intuition and inner presence. Our gradual path then is preparing for the moment where we take the leap into the abyss. Its not about gradually improving or increasing our energy. Instead, it is a process of getting out of the way and therefore releasing the energy that is already present. 

For awhile and perhaps for a long time with Reiki, its as though we are walking out on a pier overlooking the waves of the ocean. We like having the pier to support us - we like having the symbols and our handouts as we learn where to place our hands, how to call  in the Life Force through our prayers. But, there is a point in everyone's journey when we look down through the depths of the water and waves and decide to dive knowing that we have no idea what we will find but we Trust.  In that moment, through the grace of Self Mastery, we are the Reiki Presence, the Reiki symbols, and the Universal Life Force. 
(Article publish by Karen Hunsberger founder of the lotus Light Reiki)
We offer Lotus Light Reiki Attunements for free and gradually with Usui Reiki.  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Your Reiki practice

We have to excersice determination and commitment, manteining a positive mental attitude about our Reiki practice. We feel the wonder of God's love, as we experience the divine energy passing through our hands, knowing that we are instruments for that connection. Your inmersion in Reiki can transform your world, values,attitudes and beliefs. We can ask our Spiritual Guides to help us in each Reiki session.  Giving the healing touch to a person in need, is a wonderful experience where we may witness miracles sometimes. Meditate, believe in yourself and in your purpose.

                                          Reiki  Share Fundrising Harrisburg 2011

                                          Reiki Classes Philadelphia 2010


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reiki History and Dr Usui.

Usui Sensei 1865 - 1926
Dr Mikao Usui was the originator of what we today call Reiki. He was born on August 15th 1865 in the village of 'Taniai-mura'  in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture Kyoto. Mikao Usui's skills as a healer and teacher must have been very good and his fame spread very quickly throughout Japan. This was a time of great change in Japan, opening up to the West and changes both in government and religion. His teachings became popular among the older people who saw them as a return to old ideals and spiritual practices.
Mikao Usui probably came from a wealthy family as at that time only children from wealthy families could get a good education.
As a child he studied in a Tendai Buddhist monastery school entering at an early age. He was also a student of different martial arts. His memorial states that he was a talented hard working student, he liked to read and his knowledge of medicine, psychology, fortune telling and theology of religions around the world, including the Kyoten (Buddhist Bible) was vast. He married and his wife's name was Sadako, they had a son (born 1907) and daughter.
Usui sensei studied and traveled to western countries and China several times, this was encouraged during the Meiji Era and later, to learn and study western ways.
During his life Mikao Usui held many different professions such as public servant, office worker, industrialist, reporter, politician's secretary, missionary, supervisor of convicts. He also worked as a private secretary to a politician Shimpei Goto, who was Secretary of the Railroad, Postmaster General and Secretary of the Interior and State.
At some point in his life he became a Tendai Buddhist Monk/Priest (what we in the west call a lay priest). On several occasions he took a form of meditation lasting 21 days. On his memorial it says that at one time this took place on Mount Kurama (Horse Saddle Mountain). This is where he is supposed to have been given the inspiration for his system of healing - Reiki. It is very likely that he incorporated ideas and knowledge about healing from other system, both spiritual and physical, like Chinese Medicine,  other Eastern healing systems like Chi Gong, the Japanese equivalent Kiko, acupuncture and others.
Mikao Usui found that the healing techniques contained within his spiritul system worked well on various ailments. In April 1922 he opened his first school/clinic in Harajuku Tokyo.

His school/clinic was formed not just for the spiritual teachings but it was also a way for people to obtain healing. As people in general at this time in Japans history were very poor, healing sessions were very cheap or free. According to Japanese history articles, healing and other similar practices at that time would be given for a minimal cost or more likely for free.

Reiki students seem to have worked with the teacher as a sort of payment (a small monetary fee might also have been involved).
The Usui teachings included teaching people how to heal themselves (a very central point still in Reiki of today). Healing would be given to them, then they were taught how to heal themselves.
In 1923 on the 1st of September an earthquake shook Tokyo and Yokohama, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was 50 miles from Tokyo. Over 140,000 deaths were reported. The majority were killed in the fires started by the earthquake. It was the greatest natural disaster in Japanese history. Mikao Usui and his students started to give healing in the area and the demand and need for Reiki was enormous and as a result of his work he became even more famous.
In 1925 Usui had become so busy that he had to open a new larger school outside Tokyo in Nakano. As he traveled widely his senior students would continue with his work when he was away from his school/clinic.
Dr Mikao Usui passed away on March 9th 1926 at the age of 62. He is buried in Saihoji Temple in Suginami-Ku, Tokyo. Later his students created and erected a large memorial stone next to his grave describing his life and work. Much of the new information about Usui Sensei comes from the translation of this memorial.
  Chujiro Hayashi  1878 - 1940
He started his Reiki training with Usui Sensei  in 1925, 47 years of age. It is believed he was one of the last Reiki Masters trained by Usui. Following his first training he left the Usui school and started a small clinic in Tokyo.
He is probably the originator of the hand position system used here in the West. He initiated Mrs Takata to Reiki Master which brought Reiki to the West.

Hawayo Takata 1900 - 1980
Reiki comes to the West
Hawayo Takata was born on December 24th 1900, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.
She received First Degree Reiki (Shoden). She worked with Dr. Hayashi for one year and then received Second Degree Reiki (Okuden). Mrs. Takata returned to Hawaii in 1937. She was soon followed by Dr. Hayashi who came to help Mrs Takata establish Reiki in Hawaii. In the Winter of 1938, Dr. Hayashi initiated Hawayo Takata as a Reiki Master. She was the thirteenth and last Reiki Master Dr. Hayashi initiated.